9. The resurrection

The final leg of our procession takes us along Walker Street and up to the entrance to St Andrew's CofE Church - the setting for the resurrection.

Here we see the two Marys on their way to Jesus' tomb - but there is an earthquake, the stone is rolled away from the tomb and the guards stupefied. An angel appears and tells them "you must not be afraid I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here, he has been raised from death just as he has said. Go quickly now -- he is going to Gallilee ahead of you, there you will see him."

We sing the joyful song by Paul Field "Roll the Stone away".

As they leave the tomb (the entrance to the church) and walk back towards the gardens, Jesus appears to them and says "Peace be with you".

We sing our final songs, "Praise Him" and "Lord of the Dance" - several actors and members of the audience join in dancing.

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