6. The Trial

Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane and then taken to see the priests (in Caiaphas, the High Priest's house), King Herod and Pilate for trial.

At first he is questioned by the priests who want to accuse Him of blasphemy (which, under Jewish Law carries a death sentence). They bring false witnesses to testify against Him, and also try to taunt Him to admit He is masquerading as the Messiah, and calling Himself the King of the Jews. This is set on the Merseybank Road playing fields.

As Jesus is being questioned, Peter watches and waits in the outer court next to Caiaphas' house. A serving woman and some of the men there recognise him and say he was one of Jesus's followers. Afraid of what might happen, Peter denies this: and then the cock crows twice (signalled by the cornet) - Peter remembers Jesus' prophecy. (The musicians sing Sydney Carter's "Bitter was the night").

The priests decide Jesus is guilty of blasphemy, and He is dragged off to see Pilate.

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